The BBC World and the British Council run the International Radio Playwriting Competition 2012

Do you love writing? What about listening your play broadcast on the BBC World Service? Once again, and now in its 23rd year, the BBC World and the British Council, in partnership with the Commonwealth Writers, launch the International Radio Playwriting Competition.

If you are a non British resident (and if you have plenty of imagination), I really encourage you to write a 53-minute radio drama (for up to six characters) and if you are successful (2 winners), you will have the opportunity to go to London and see how your script is made into a full radio production, and then… how it will be broadcast on the BBC World Service!!!

Don’t panic if English is not your mother language as there are 2 categories: one for writers with English as their first language and one for the ones with English as their second (or third) language.

Before start writing, have a look at the rules and if you have any doubts about the script format, check this useful link where you can find some tips like abbreviations or examples. However, if you want to read some radio scripts to get some inspiration, don’t miss the Script Library in the Writers Room. Also for free, there is the “guide to scriptwriting essentials“.

I’m astonished to see all the information you can find surfing on the BBC website. From how to get started, developing your idea, to form and format or keeping your story going in the middle. Without doubt, this is a good practice even if you are not considering to apply for the competition.

Not enough motivated? Well, there is also a £2,000 prize for the winners and there are certificates for runners-up.

Remember, you have time to send your playwriting until the 31th of July!

Twitter mata a Fidel Castro y los medios de comunicación se abstienen

2012 comenzó agitado la noche [España] del primero de enero cuando Fidel Castro se convirtió en trending topic en Twitter, la mayor red de microblogging en tiempo real. ¿Ha muerto realmente el dictador cubano? Esta era la pregunta que millones de usuarios hacían en 140 caracteres, tras un rumor que se expandió rápidamente por la red. Algunos aprovechaban para realizar bromas (desde aquellas llenas de humor hasta las menos agraciadas) como “Fidel Castro es inmortal. Hay que recordar que tiene el billete del trillón de dolares que robó el señor Burns tras la II Guerra Mundial…“. Otros, como Ícaro Moyano, apelaban a la prudencia en especial a los profesionales de la información: “Decía mi maestro Ernesto Estévez que en periodismo queda feo resucitar a un muerto. Por eso la urgencia distingue a los buenos de los malos.

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