The American Dialect Society names “hashtag” the word of the year (2012)

Every year, the American Dialect Society decides which is the word of the year. Once more, as it happened in 2011, the winner term is linked with Internet and social media. We have seen how “app” or “tweet” got this recognition as well, but 2012 is for “hashtag” and I absolutely believe it has a lot to thank to Twitter, because it has popularized, doesn’t it? The New York Times has defined it as a dark-horse winner and bloggers and media from around the world have been posting about it. Other words were competing against hashtag, such as “Gangnam Style”, “YOLO (You Only Live Once)” or “fiscal cliff”.

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Social Media Video 2013

Ya ha llegado una nueva versión del vídeo Social Media Revolution. Acostumbrados a las cifras de los anteriores, no es demasiado soprendente, sin embargo somos muchos los que esperábamos una actualización. ¿Qué os parece a vosotros?