Ten employees from Rio 2016 fired after stealing documents from London 2012

Such a surprise when this afternoon I received an email with a terrifying news. According to “Inside the Games” magazine, staff from Rio 2016 have been fired after stealing documents from London 2012 while their official visit to share knowledge about the event.

“The Rio employees were working alongside London 2012 staff in the technology department as part of an observers programme involving more than 200 Brazilians and downloaded the internal documents, believed to be about strategic planning and security, without authorisation. London 2012 chairman Sebastian Coe had rung his counterpart at Rio 2016, Carlos Nuzman, demanding the return of the documents and threatening legal action.”

Not good news at all for the next Olympic host city that would have had this information if asked. On Internet, we can find comments of people who believe firing these 10 workers is to much, against others who think this shouldn’t even have happened.

Source: http://www.insidethegames.biz/olympics/summer-olympics/2016/1010961-rio-2016-staff-fired-after-stealing-documents-from-london-2012