Kim Constable’s interview: “I started The Rainbow Garden in Ireland, predominantly so that I could give my own kids the gift of languages”

Some time ago, I was chatting with a friend of mine who’s living in Belfast. She was telling me about her new job: being an MDS. ‘What in earth is MDS?’, I asked. As soon as she explained that it means Multicultural Development Specialist and they are “experienced educators who are passionate about sharing their native language and culture with children” and that this business was started by a mum of four, it attracted my attention and I wanted to interview the woman behind this idea, as I believe it’s a really good idea to educate children in learning new languages. And, finally, here it is, Kim Constable‘s interview. I hope you will find it of your interest and I would like to thank Kim for her time as well as my friend for helping me to get in touch with her.

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